Monday, August 23, 2010

this morning

i was running late so i got dressed in a hurry, deciding i'd look quite fey in turquoise pants, a turquoise blouse, turquoise shoes and turquoise sox.  as i ran out the door, i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.   i looked like i was going to a costume party dressed as a vat of cotton candy.
i'd forgotten about this by the time i changed trains at park street, and found myself scurrying to the red line behind two men who were holding hands. i felt a flash of pride in massachusetts, which allowed these men the freedom to so un-self-consciously display their love.  i hoped they'd get married, and silently wished them a joyful life together.   then i got closer and realized it wasn't two men, it was one man and a short-haired woman. so i stopped caring about whether they got married and had a happy life together.  
i thought of both these events as i got on the train, and realized with some comfort what a totally human jackass i was. grinning back at an invisible Puck on the train, i found a seat, and read my book all the way to the jfk-umass station.