Thursday, August 26, 2010

congratulations to osama!

 dear mr. b:

i just wanted to say that i am very impressed with your skillful use of p.r. these days.  it must have cost a lot to hire all these people, but i'm sure it's worth it! all these anglo-americans fighting against the rights  fellow americans who are muslims; why, you even got a minister to create a burn- the- koran day for all his parishioners!

i hope you know what a great job you're doing.  i'm sure this tactic is convincing many young muslims   who might otherwise support  a muslim community center and peaceful mosques around the country that your portrait of us as dangerous muslim-haters is accurate, and that their place is with al qaeda. your brave crew of recruiters are doing a bang-up job --and i mean that literally.  the ground zero business is truly splendid.  here, you are killing two birds with one stone.  not only are you showcasing american racism, but you are disarming one of your worst enemies, a sufi imam!   what damage such an imam can do to your cause if allowed to freely expound a nonviolent approach to islam!  hey, it's muslims like him that give  terrorism a bad name!

if you don't mind my asking, how much are you contributing to the extremists in congress who are doing such a splendid job encouraging anti-muslim bigotry?  many are campaigning for the november elections, and i know you'll want to help them in their tireless efforts to create more and more hatred for america around the world.

and by the way, the campaign to discredit obama by 'accusing' him of being a muslim is truly the icing on the cake. as i'm sure you foresaw, this equation of obama with islam, and islam with your terrorists, will work wonders for your efforts to destroy america.

your campaign is an inspiration to bigots everywhere!

yours untruly ......

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Ken G. said...

This would be an amusing bit of parody, if I weren't terrified that it was the truth.