Thursday, December 29, 2011

Optical Illusion

i'd been planning today to write an analysis of shakespeare's merry wives of windsor, which i find very underrated.  but the day has gotten ahead of me and there's no time right now. so instead, just  few easy lines on a beautiful optical illusion i was just with.

there is a pool in my building which is often empty. i'm trying to do pre-resolution things i should-do, exercise being high on the list. the pool is indoors [i'm not that motivated!  on either side of the pool, which is glassed in, there are terraces, and on the non-door side, wonderful birch trees--in themselves a reward for being in the pool.  there are odd pool lights, which create strong reflections of the spaces outside, and on the right-side terrace, it looked so perfectly like a parallel room i forgot for a moment that there was no room over there.  what there was was  a combined reflection of the pool area with its beach chairs and the birch trees.  and it created something far more lovely than any one part of the area:  one end of the 'room' had a wall over which, perfectly, birch branches grew into the room, as if through a high, open window.

if i were rich, i'd instantly buy the building and have that reflection-invented room built, in exactly that way.  breathtaking....

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