Friday, December 9, 2011

Occupy Boston--it ain't over till it's over

1:30----sitting watching the clearing of the park with mixed feelings; they have, probably wisely, cleared out of dewey square, stretching the midnight deadline but nonetheless leaving,for the most part. now they are in the streets around the square with hundreds of their supporters, partying, making a triumph of an inevitability.  glad i went there a few times, even just to walk around and tell them how great they were, and bring a few supplies.  odd to think it will stop being there, at least in that way.

it would have closed eventually, here and everywhere else.  and as they all keep saying, it's a movement, not a geographical spot.  they've triggered something amazing.  it's not going to stop, as its opening phase ends.  there are tentacles everywhere.  everywhere.

time for me to go to bed.  too tired, and asthma kicks up.

RIP, dewey square.  and welcome, welcome to everything it's created, and the next phase of the moving movement.


Ken Goldstein said...

The Occupations live on, even with nobody at the sites. Now everybody knows how easily and quickly we can arrange to have hundreds of people show up, not just for a short rally, but for the duration. We shouldn't abuse this power, but when we need it, it can - and will - be called upon.

StevenLaFond said...

I'm pretty happy with the minimal horror stories from the Boston occupiers. We'll see how this winter effects those who will be inside, contemplating their next moves.

Baysage said...

They are clearing out the occupiers just about everywhere now, on the grounds of safety and health. If nothing else, this movement proves that the outrages still to come will not be simply acceded to without a whimper.