Saturday, December 31, 2011


i may come back here later today and begin my 'merry wives' thoughts--then again, i may not.  and it's the day of new year's eve, so something should be here.....which i guess is simply this:

bad as things have been this year and for a long time, remember what we have been given:  thousands of people creating the beginnings of a new movement, different from previous movements, similar to previous movements.

so the challenge is for all of us, in whatever ways we can, to follow through with what they've begun.  the physical occupation of public spaces was spectacular, but they never intended it to be the entirety of their movement.  if the media like to act like it was, that's the media's limitation, and should it surprise us?  when have the mass media really stretched to find the whole truth, or even a larger part of the limited truths?  their honesty can only last till the next commercial, which pays for their existence.  what matters to the corporations is that we buy their products and, more important, that we buy their message.   freedom means a choice between 20 kinds of mascara, or cars, or breakfast cereals.

we need to 'occupy' the parts of our own minds they have succeeded in infiltrating, and then to move further and find ways to occupy the rest of our planet.  these heroes have given us a wonderful tool.  let's use it in the new year.

happy 2012!

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