Monday, June 6, 2011


i built up a great argument for the guy.  oh, well, innocent until proven guilty is always a good policy.  it still amazes me that politicians do this sort of thing in the internet era.  [well, i suppose this particular thing could only be done in the internet era...].  you would think they'd get it by now: what goes on the internet will make its way into the press, if you're someone of any claim to fame.  and if you're a politician, it can hurt your constiuents and your party.

i like weiner's politics. i still do.if i had a chance to vote for him, i would.  if i were his wife, i would probably reminisce about lorena bobbet, and take it on myself to make sure this particular misdeed could never be done again.  but i'd still vote for him.

because the voter's expectations can't be the spouse's expectations.  it's really none of our business.  yes, i enjoy it when a political lifestyle moralist gets caught doing things they're busy telling the rest of us not to.  that shows a large degree of hypocracy. [and to be honest, that politicizing of personal morality tends to be more of a conservative than a progressive habit.]  otherwise i don't want to know about the sex lives of people i've never met.

what disappoints me about weiner is twofold. one, it's sad to see someone who seems worth respecting acting like a drunken frat-boy.  frankly, i can see a kind of poignance, even drama, in falling in love with someone other than one's spouse, and having to decide what to do with those passions.  but sending crotch shots over email?  the guy is at least 20 years too old for that.  and then caught...well, not quite with his pants down, but metaphorically, yes....and lying about it for a week to the media is almost as stupid as doing it in the first place.

so now he has to do what damage control he can, leaving the democrats with egg on their faces.  and very possibly, depriving the country of an important progressive politician.  that does make me angry.  if he doesn't have the self respect to refrain from such shenanigans; if he's willing to risk his wife's embarrassment and anger and to undercut his own career---too bad.  but in a time when there are so few strongly liberal politicians and when that scarcity affects the lives of the poor, the working class, and minorities in our own country and abroad, he should have made a choice: play little sex games, or be a vocal and ambitious politician.  it's silly that personal sexual behavior can destroy a political career,  but it can. he should have known that.    

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Baysage said...

My ole mentor in grad school, T. Harry Williams, once said "Stupidity ought to be an impeachable offense." I never forgot it. It applies here.

(And I would vote for him, too.)