Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Coupla Little Poems

i still seem to be on this odd jag of writing haiku-esque poems.  the first one here i'm sure is a genuine english-language haiku.  the second is interesting: i have 2 different versions, both of which i like. the 2nd rhymes--can a haiku rhyme?  whatever it is, since i can't choose [and come to think of it, why should i?], here are the first poem, the 2nd poem, and the other 2nd poem. [did i  just sound like the old bob newhart show?]

                                       Window View

                       first day of summer.
                       sky dappled leaves.

                      Great Book List [1]
                   Look, there's Charlotte!
                   Passing out cigars
                   to a roomful of men.

                 Great Book List [2]

  Look, there's Charlotte again:
 Passing cigars to a roomful of men.

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