Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stand by your Man.....

i will admit that at this stage, anthony weiner gives me the creeps.  so what?  the democrats are creeping me out in another way.  rachel maddow was great tonight.  and correct.  the democrats could have instantly responded to the republicans, 'we have been following your excellent example, and accepting the bad behavior of our own.  if you would care to lead the way, we will demand mr. weiner's resignation, as soon as mr. vitter offers his.' and maybe spout some stuff about christian forgiveness.

the fact that the weiner case became 'a circus' and distracted people from the serious political issues is hardly his fault. he wasn't the one making big publicity about his secret emails.  he didn't help himself at all by his aggressive lying, it's true.

maybe president obama is whistle-clean, if self-righteous. but even he can't believe congress is full of faithful spouses and unwed virgins.  i don't feel all that much sympathy for a nearly middle aged man who chooses to engage in variants of cybersex.  but i feel sorry for a country that allows that to determine the man's political fate.  and i hope that the next unfaithful husband in the GOP turns up sooner rather than later, so the democrats can demand the he resign, just as weiner did.  but the democrats probably won't bother.

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