Saturday, August 3, 2013

Babbling so You Know I'm Alive

not much to say; summer class half done already.  going better than i thought i would, but what i'm using requires more technology, and half of every class ends up being setting up the computer [from the media lab] with help from the students. finally got into a great room with everything i need there. learned that everything i put on the thumb thing earlier this summer is pretty much useless, except i was able to transfer it to a dvd, which won't work on the dvd player which only likes already bought dvd's, but found out i can play the dvd's on the computer if it's a mac, so that helps sort of....

only one, maybe 2 classes in fall, meaning at most 1/2 this summer work, and by then i'll have the nasty new class under my belt a bit. played a whole film in the new class on thursday--'ma vie en rose' which the class seemed to like and i like and what a relief.  anyway that's why i'm not here and why i'm likely to be again soon.

for the class i bought on sale all 4 seasons of the early century  'judging amy,' and have treated myself to an episode a day when there isn't much else on i like to watch. what a treat--what an amazing show that was! 

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