Sunday, March 25, 2012

In Solidarity

okay, it's not a pretty picture.  neither, sadly, is what inspired it---the Christian Left and other groups are collecting photos of people wearing hoodies, to emphasize the ludicrous defense of the [white] man who confessed to fatally shooting Tryvon Martin, a black teenager.  martin was unarmed and simply walking home--but apparently his hoodie convinced this guy that he was dangerous.  anyway i took this and sent it to the Christian left and posted it on facebook, but maybe it belongs here too.

one of my friends responded on facebook that it looks a bit like a hijab, and, though it actually is a real hoodie--a hood as part of a sweater anyway--it does resemble a hijab, too.  and that is tragically appropriate.  black kids in hoodies and muslims in hijabs are apparently fair game for bigots.  it's good to know that even in this new millennium,  some ancient traditions live on.  lynching may have expanded its techniques,  but it's lynching nonetheless.  we've got another dead kid to prove it.

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Baysage said...

Lynching . . . that's exactly what it is. It's positively appalling that that kid's killer has not been arrested. What's more, despite the uproar, he's going to get away with murder. You watch.