Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bad Traveler's Good Week in Scandanavia--part 1

This is going to take longer than i thought, as i'm in mid-asthma bout and also trying to finish midterm grading and all that stuff. so--for my impatient public [that's you, jo ann], i will literally take it day by day. i have dubbed myself Bad Traveler; the why of that will become apparent.

day 1, march 2.  got up at 3:30 a.m.  yes, A.M.!--to hitch a ride on the chartered bus that was taking the students to the airport for their trip to madrid.  so we got there very very early, and i waved goodbye to the  kids, feeling a bit odd that this time i was actually going somewhere too.  in the blechy business of getting through security, i managed to lose my lovely purple fake-fur vest, so passed the time until my flight frantically and fruitlessly trying to find it. 3 hour, pleasantly uneventful plane ride, which i pretty much slept through, and easily found the tour bus that took me to my hotel , thanks to marina, my hard-working travel agent.  charming hotel, lovely people.
the hotel, along with its other virtues, has an onsite restaurant, which, for a Bad Traveler like me, is a huge plus.  also had perfect reading, thanks to my little brother's christmas gift: a murder mystery by an icelandic writer, set in reykjavik. wonderful writer--arnaldur indridason. [stay tuned for the next exciting episode, day 2, in which Bad Traveler experiences an amazing church, the Northern Lights, and Greater Downtown Reykjavik.  and of course gets sick.]


Anonymous said...

Do tell the name of the mystery you're reading. Always interested in a good one.

karen lindsey said...

hi. the one i read last week is 'silence of the grave.' before that, i read 'jar city.' both really good.