Wednesday, October 6, 2010

VOTE NOV.2!!!!!

i know i tend to do long posts, but this one is short, inelegant, and likely just preaching to the choir.  that's okay--listen up, choir!

it's more fun to vote for a candidate you're excited about.  especially in a midterm election.  but look at who's running on the republican side---everywhere!  we're not looking at a bunch of bill welds or olympia snows here. hell, we're not even looking at mitt romney! we're looking at very scary people who will take away reproductive rights, gay marriage, anti-pollution laws, and financial assistance to the poor, the working class, and the less affluent members of the middle class.  VOTE AGAINST THEM! rain or shine, enthusiasm or boredom, whatever.  however unappetizing a particular democrat may be, s/he will at least fill up a space that will be of use to the worst conservatives in the country.  vote, and vote for a Democrat, not a 3rd party member, b/c a 3rd party member won't win. a Republican very well might.  remember this is the party that has been voting its more moderate members out of the primaries.

this message is by me, and is not approved [or disapproved] by the Democrats. [end of political message...]

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Ken Goldstein said...

I almost feel sorry for the moderate republicans. What's happened isn't just slight move to the right, it's a complete hostile takeover of their party by fringe elements that are a danger to our democracy's future. Yes, this is an election where we just have to vote for a democrat, any democrat.