Thursday, February 20, 2014


i keep trying to post things on the blog, but the fact is, i'm blocked. noting seems to want to get itself written beyond a sentence or 2.  maybe my trip to israel a week from tomorrow to visit an old friend i haven't seen for years will help unblock  my sleepy brain.  i hope so; i miss blogging.  i think the aftereffects of severe depression [down to mild depression, which is a large improvement], plus the medications i take to keep it mild, contribute to a laissez faire [or lazy fare] brainset that's hard to pull out of, so it works only when i have no choice--like doing my classes.  so i just thought i'd say hi to anyone to stops by here to see what clever thoughts i've had of late.  thanks for looking at the blog.  i'll keep coming back, i promise....

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