Friday, September 27, 2013

O, Lucky Me!

my local supermarket is bringing back that irritating 'benefit' of the 1950s--stamps you are given with a certain amount of money spent, stamps which will go, as i recall, either to one specific item or to one of a series of items.  Anyway, Shaw's is giving customers stamps toward some sort of dinnerware set. i have yet to accept a single stamp; it's too complicated and my dishes are ancient melmac which never breaks so why do i need a perky new set?

at the same supermarket, you can also buy your monthly transit set, something i do use, so today i dropped by to get my october pass.  as i was about to recycle my receipt,  i glanced at the bottom of it.

surrounded by asterisk stars was a lovely announcement, which read as follows:

You have earned    0
Racheal Ray Dinnerware Stamps

 i wonder when i'll have time to redeem them, and exactly what i'll get for that many?


Bob Lamm said...

You didn't read the fine print! You can trade your 0 Rachael Ray Dinnerware Stamps for any of the following:

0 complete sets of 1962 Topps baseball cards

0 complete sets of the 1956 edition of the World Book Encyclopedia


0 records (33 1/3 speed) of "Great Movie Theme Songs of 1957"

But you'd better hurry. Others could trade for these gifts before you. There is a limited supply.

karen lindsey said...

thanks, bob! i'd really love to have 0 records fo 1957 theme songs....though actually, i'll have to check my files----i may have that many already...

Bob Lamm said...

Actually, Karen, if you find you already have 0 records for 1957 TV theme songs, I can complete your collection for the late 1950s by giving you 0 records of 1958 TV theme songs and 0 records of 1959 TV theme songs. I'd be happy to do this as a gift. Absolutely 0 charge.