Saturday, June 15, 2013

my oldie but goodie on Henry viii

reading more on Henry's wives, specifically the new bio of anne bolen, and decided to give a plug to my 1980s  DIVORCED, BEHEADED SURVIVED, about all the wives.  remarkably, though it was never much of a seller, they've never dumped it, and it's still around.  i think it's really good!  wanted to add a photo of the cover but [a] it won't scan the whole cover, no matter what i do, and [b] when i had the same problem getting it to facebook, 2 of my friends separately sent it and looks beautiful.  but blogspot doesnt think it's a picture, presumably b/c it also has words, and won't print it here, which seems ridiculous.  so if i've captured your interest, you'll have to check it out under the title, and there you'll see a wonderful picture of the book.   [hint: in the book, i show anne bolyen as a victim of what we now call 'sexual harrassment,' or even 'stalking,' and offer pretty good evidence for why, whatever henry's problem with anne of cleves, she could NOT  have really appeared ugly to him in her picture.]

so if you're looking for some cool summer reading, check my cool book.

this advertisement has been endorsed by me.

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