Saturday, May 11, 2013

'tony' correspondence below

the post right after this is my effort to take a perfectly coherent facebook exchange and put it on my blog.  those of you who know me know that my relationship with computers is highly ambivalent.  first the fb conversation wouldn't copy onto the blog or even my desktop. after teeth-gritting hours i finally got several of the elements together, on 2 pages, which i then [more gritting] scanned. then i posted it.  only of course i got the pages wrong, and no editing allows me to change that, or even to add numbers, so the poor reader knows how to get to this arcana.  so please read it with that in mind.

tony is a dear onetime student of mine, from the mid 1980s.  we re-met at a reunion a few years back and became fb friends.  i have much enjoyed his posts, and especially his grand enthusiasm with parenthood.  when i read his recent post on the birth of his baby several years ago, i was deeply moved. but i was disturbed by the fact that it had been written for a 'right-to-life' publication, which by definition would embrace tony and his wife's decision, but not the decisions of pregnant women who did not wish to continue being pregnant.  so i replied to tony, who then graciously replied back.  it seems to me a useful correspondence on a number of levels, so with tony's consent, i wanted to put it on my blog.  though it's come out badly visually, i still think it's worth reading.   and if the computer allows me, i'll later add a picture or 2 from tony's family posts.  but good luck in getting thru the presentation to the content!

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