Saturday, November 10, 2012


well, it might be interesting as an episode of the coyly named tv drama covert affairs, but only if the liaison led to the murder of other government agents and annie got to solve the crime.  it's almost certainly interesting to general patraeus' wife, and she should probably divorce him.  beyond that, who cares?  the only possibility legitimate reason to force him out of his job-- potential blackmail-- is lost once we all know.

i believe if you're in a traditional marriage, or any other relationship in which sexual exclusivity is part of the understanding, you should be sexually exclusive.  i also believe it's personal business.  i thought that way years ago when i learned more details about my president's orgasmic fluids than i could possibly find interesting.  i would watch the news, push the mute button[i think we had mute buttons back then], and decide that if hilary wanted  me to know what i thought about it all i'd be glad to tell her when she called me--i'd even offer her my couch for a few nights if she left him.  i will extend the same offer to mrs. patraeus now.  otherwise, it's none of my business. or the cia's, or the fbi's.  can't these people find more interesting things to investigate? isn't that what they're paid for?   i must admit to enjoying a politician's humiliation when he's publicly been trying to dictate the sexual morality of the rest of us.  but otherwise--spare me. spare our tax dollars, which can be used for a lot more important things than dumping adulterers from high-profile government jobs. 

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