Friday, August 3, 2012

Willful Hallucinations in the Hearing-Test Room

they sit you in a little peagreen room while a lady in the next room pushes computer commands that make beeps and when you hear a beep you push the button on a little black gizmo they give you. nothing is in the room, no pictures on walls, no calendars, no water cooler.  nothing to look at while you wait for beeps and buttons, except the door. It has a silver dark handle that’s held there by a couple of screwed-in circles on the top and bottom, and so you watch the screwed-in circles and the handle while you listen for beeps. the

bottom circle has screws on each side and a semicircle with little triangles on its edges which make it look like a cat face and i like beep watching  it, it’s more of a kitten face really and i’d like to pet it but i know  beep i should stay in the chair listening for beeps so  just watch the cat face and beep  then see a little mouth mark where she can beep purr from.  i don’t

 like the beep top circle which has no ears and isn’t a cat but a beep bigger creature with a terrible terrible beep beak that reaches down to the kitten’s head and beep i beep beep can’t warn the kitten she doesn’t know the beast will catch her in its beep beak and break her and how beep beep can beep i help her i can’t and there’s the last beep and then the lady in the other room says I can go home now. I want to tell her about the cat and the big beast but I know she won’t believe me, and I don’t believe me. still I yank the beak hard when i go out & hope I’ve injured it and i whisper goodbye to the cat , it’s

 like a hearing version of the eye chart when you read the lowest line, except i don’t hear things when get my eyes examined, which is good because who wants to listen to a cat scream and the sound of the monster-beak biting into its head?


Anonymous said...

very cute. I enjoyed this a lot. For my son's hearing test they put cute animals in the room that light up and a couple of TV monitors to turn to look at when the beep comes on. I am sure he would have liked your kitty more.

mark evenue said...

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