Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bristol Palin Sounds Like Something You Take for an Upset Stomach

shouldn't be posting now--late, up early the next few mornings, with all the stuff i'm suddenly doing, no time to think profound blog thoughts.  so here's one that's brief and not awfully profound.  was watching 'drop dead diva,'  and it went to commercials.  i was about to hit the mute button when i saw that lifetime channel was starting to pump its upcoming reality series 'bristol palen: life's a tripp.' and there she is with her poor little toddler, tripp.

i have never cared much about celebrities' lives, unless they're doing something interesting or challenging or if they really have anything intelligent to say.  i've heard bristol enough [that being about 5 minutes altogether] to know the unlikelihood of any of those alternatives.  at the same time, trashing someone b/c they're family of a hateful politician seems wrong.  bristol, after all, didn't pick her mother.  she did pick her boyfriend and it seems like that was a bad choice.  but shit, i've made worse romantic choices than that;  most people have.  so here is a teenage girl who has sex with her boyfriend and doesn't use birthcontrol so she gets pregnant. no reason she should hide any of that--she chose not to abort or to give the kid up for adoption when it became a kid and not just an embryo. and with family help, she's gonna raise him. lots of women make that choice, and most don't have the resources young palin has.  in a way it's really nice that we're so far past the days when a girl like bristol would have been sent out of town to visit an aunt and return a couple of months later looking happy and healthy and thin and everyone saying how great it was  for her just to de-stress with good old auntie mustache.

on the other hand, that doesn't qualify her to go around the country giving speeches about how to avoid teen pregnancy.  if she were a leftie, a radical feminist, or just a free spirit, it might be interesting.  look how happy a single mom can be with her kid.  it really could help girls of fewer means deal with a decision they need to make.  but we all know that ain't bristol.  somehow, dragging the poor kid with her, she's gonna be telling other girls not to do what she did.

isn't there some sort of child-protection agency that can get tripp away from her?  he's gonna be spending a significant part of his impressionable youth hearing mommy telling people she did something bad and that's why tripp exists.  embrace abstinence, my sisters, and this won't happen to you!  that's the message that has to come out, even as she cuddles the boy and tells us and him how much she loves him. he was born of Sin--or at least of lousy luck.  so now we'll have a new paradigm for the poor little rich boy.

and by the way, on the promo, as she walks away into semi-shadows in her tight shirt and pants, she looks awfully seductive.  shall we expect her to meet a nice young fellow on the show, and be friends, and soon have another example of the wages of sin?

if she wants fame, why doesn't she get on 'animal planet' and go shark hunting? i'd feel bad for the shark, but everything worthwhile comes with inconveniences. and maybe tripp could be adopted by some nice married opposite-sexed fundies who've always wanted a son. comfortable obscurity away from his wacko family might give him a chance of growing up human.  

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Jim said...

You had me laughing out loud (literally, and at work, too!) at the Animal Planet part. :)