Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Busker

Summer classes are great; getting to and from them is horrible.  green line to red line to shuttle--often an hour and a half. summer classes that get out at rush hour on days when there's a baseball game at fenway park are pure misery, even when i take the green line in the wrong direction so i can get a seat before the mobs at park street get in. that trick sometimes works, sometimes not. and the government center station is mobbed in any case. i get home drained and bitchy.

so today i got to govt center, loathing my fellow humans, and especially the ones on their way to fenway park [you can always tell them; they wear red sox hats or red sox t shirts or both, and they have little children wearing little red sox hats or little red sox shirts and sometimes even little red sox shoes.  and then.....

i think she was a teenager.  she was thin, elegant, and simply an amazing violinist. i didn't know the piece she was playing, and didn't have to.  even some of the sox fiends were listening to her.

i let 3 trains go by, and just listened and watched. her whole body moved with her music; she might have been a ballet dancer.  and to her, we weren't even there.  a few people put dollar bills in her violin case; she didn't look at any of us.  she was her violin, she was the music.

when she finished, i applauded. then she looked at me, smiled shyly.  i got onto the next crowded train; i think i smiled at someone with a red sox t shirt.  in a world with such musicians, even baseball fans  on the green line are bearable.


Baysage said...

Red Sox fans have one thing and only one thing going for them: they despise the New York Yankees. That's a reason for their existence. And some of them appreciate music as you have pointed out.

Bob Lamm said...

Lovely, Karen!

I've had some wonderful experiences with buskers in New York and elsewhere. One, a college student and a violinist playing Irish fiddle music, became a friend of mine and has since won a Grammy.