Thursday, March 3, 2011

jimmy we hardly knew ye

for 7 years, conductor james levine pulled off the remarkable challenge of running both the metropolitan opera in new york and the boston symphony  orchestra. during these years, for which boston classical music fans owe him a huge debt of gratitude, he had numerous health problems and was forced to cancel numerous performances.  now, at 67, he has decided he can't maintain both jobs.  boston, understandably, is the loser. he has been with the met for decades, and has always 'belonged' to them.

an opera lover of fairly recent years, i discovered the bso when levine arrived and did a few concert operas. he was such a brilliant director, and knew so well how to work with actor/singers, that his concert operas appeared almost as full productions.  they were breathtaking.

i'm disappointed that we're losing him, but grateful that we've had  him as long as we have.  i hope the decision improves his health; i hope that the bso will find as creative a replacement in time.

the article in the Times sai he might come back to boston for an occasional  guest appearance.

good luck, mr. levine--and come visit us often.....

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