Monday, January 24, 2011

Olberman Off

it's impossible to believe MSNBC fired keith olberman, or let him quit without doing everything in their power to keep him. apparently he's tempermental, egotistical, and hard to deal with. sorry to hear that.

but what, as a longtime fan, i know about him is this: he is an honest, intelligent,thoughtful news analyst.
yes, he has definite opinions. they are intelligent opinions, and above all they are earned opionions. he doesn't invent facts, as commentators on 'the other side' so often do. this enables the viewer to agree or disagree with him, because the facts are there to agree or disagree with. the sequencing of his show and rachel maddow's, with their similar beliefs and contrasting styles, was brilliant.

he certainly appears to have a strong ego as well as a strong voice--for which i'm grateful. i doubt he'll stay out of the media long. he has a lot to say, and a lot of people who want to hear him say it. i look forward to his re-emergence in whatever form it takes.


Pelvis Costello said...

I have seen him apologize on the days he was misinformed or unclear. That's saying something. At least we still have Rachel, who is far classier than anyone on the tube.

karen lindsey said...

but for how long will we have her? if he's too leftist, she is too, and [shudder] she's gay. and a truthsayer.