Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This has been my mantra these past few weeks.  Alas, reality rears its sorry head.  this time, dewey has won, all over the place.  a few democratic wins as of 11 p.m.,  and so far no worse than we thought it would be.....

silver lining?  at the moment, at least, in spite of the Brown win in the last special election, massachusetts is earning its liberal reputation.  barney frank stays in congress, and he's a great fighter.  and deval patrick remains governor!  maybe not the world's most leftist liberal, but we had years of republican governors, and the survival of even a moderate democrat is good news.

further, as the msnbc pundits keep reminding us, now the republicans are going to have to live up to their promises.  but these have been pretty vague--when they have to decide specifically what 'discretionary spending' programs to cut, it may be dicy for them.  ditto for the jobs that don't materialize.  obama may have been a disappointment to many of us who saw him as the great, post-bush hope, but the tea party and the conservatives who have used it have been promising the moon, with not much of a program to get us there.

the morning will be interesting.  it's rare that i go to sleep dreaming of harry reid, but tonight that dreary little man is the closest i can imagine to a prince charming-----and that ghastly, heartless coward engel , who can't even face reporters with semi-challenging questions, is a pretty good imitation of a dragon.

it's  time for a new New Left to arise and take up the good fight!

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Ken Goldstein said...

It would be interesting to see how the Teapublicans handle power if it weren't so damned serious.

Here in CA we bucked the national trend, but I fear for the everything between MA and CA...